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7 Pounds

TV Journal

I am going to start using my LJ to post my thoughts as I watch my favorite shows. Can I just say how much better all my shows look on HD!??! I can't believe I took so long to jump on that bandwagon! What the he'll was I thinking!? Hahaa

Good stuff.

PF Changs' Fried Banana dessert.

Posted by ShoZu

Mischief at The Nutcracker.

Mr. Rat looks annoyed and is about to bite my hand off.

Posted by ShoZu

Disco Fever!

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Kids in the Toy Store

Kiids are so easily amused.

Posted by ShoZu

Hot Pot in ATL

It was the only place open at 11PM. It was yummy and sure hit the spot!

Posted by ShoZu

Pit Stop

This was on my way to ATL. It's like the ULTIMATE pit stop: gas station, store, Subway and MickeyD!

Posted by ShoZu